Key features of RisePath PlanCentral
that help your team complete projects faster
and accomplish more!

RisePath PlanCentral comes with features that are much needed
for project management and team collaboration.

Project and tasks

Core parts of RisePath PlanCentral are Projects and Tasks that help you track the actual tasks of a project.

Your team can create a project like "Build an e-commerce store" and share it with members of your development, design team and product.

Then your team will create tasks within the project so it can track its status and completion.

Message Board

Another key part of RisePath PlanCentral is the Message Board where you discuss topics with your team.

RisePath PlanCentral has robust message board integrated with projects, so team members can discuss anything related to each project.

This is a simple yet powerful way to stay up-to-date as well as being able to collaborate with team members.


RisePath PlanCentral also has integrated files section. Files that are added to projects are saved and organized in a folder for each respective project.

This allows for convenient storage of files for future reference.

Dashboard and Calendar

The Dashboard and Calendar sections allow the user to stay informed of their projects.

Team members can quickly see the status and latest updates related to projects that you and your team are working on.

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